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We make each bar of our fantastic soap from scratch using traditional soapmaking methods. Kettle-made in small batches, hand-cut & cured... the result is a gentle, rich bar without any synthetic detergents, hardeners or lathering agents. Our regular soap line (over 40 varieties) is loosely based on a heritage recipe, but you’ll also find in our collection some regional specialties, artisan recipes & new takes on old favourites. Quality ingredients make a quality product. We use high-grade vegetable oils - olive, palm & coconut for the most part. We get our grains, honey, beeswax, milk & produce locally. Real handmade soap lasts & lasts. And lasts. Three times longer than just about any commercial bar - good value, great soap!!! !
Summertime,and the livin is easy.... You are showing a lot of it as the weather warms up, so make sure the skin you are in is healthy & beautiful, & get those feet in great shape for sandals . If you are heading out to the country or going camping, keep in mind our soap is biodegradable & safe for septic systems.

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